Wooden Wallets - Are You Looking For a New Wallet?

by Gurpreet Sangha on September 20, 2021

We're the pioneers of The Wood Wallet. Walnut or Rosewood? It doesn't matter which one you choose because we use natural solid wood to ensure that your wallet looks and feels great. And it comes with RFID protection! 

You won't find another product like it on the market today. It's not just a fantastic product but also an incredible experience you can have every day of your life.

Wood Wallets are a subset of minimalist wallets that have quickly gained popularity due to the natural, durable qualities wood provides them. Much like anything crafted from quality material will frequently gain character over time with scratches and markings which tell their story for who carried it.

Upgrade your wallet with the toughest, most durable one on Earth. This lightweight and compact design are perfect for carrying cards in an easy-to-grab position that prevents back pain or pickpocketing by keeping all of your essentials close at hand - without weighing anything down!

Our team wanted to create a wallet that was not only functional but also cool and stylish. The result? Slymr wallets, our newest innovation in minimalist design!

We searched high and low for the perfect designs and found none available--so we created them ourselves! 

These wallets are perfect for holding cards needed for whatever adventure or daily activity. They come in various sizes and can hold up.  

Our wallets are made from 100% natural wood, so they look and feel great in your hands while protecting all of your cards with RFID blocking technology. If you want to stand out from everyone else who has a regular old leather wallet, then our products are perfect for you! Get yours now before supplies run out!





  • LIFETIME GUARANTEE - We are incredibly proud of our craftsmanship, so we offer a lifetime warranty on every product. If there is any issue with your wallet, give us a shout, and we will replace it free of charge.
  • ULTRA THIN (10MM) & MONEY CLIP – A slim minimalist wallet with significant capabilities. Its slim profile guarantees it can fit any pocket for any occasion. The money clip is convenient for carrying cash.
  • NATURAL SOLID ROSEWOOD – Beautiful is an understatement. Each wallet has a different wood grain, making each one unique. No two wallets are the same, making every individual wallet that much more special. The complex and challenging design protects cards from being bent, cracked, and broken.
  • RFID BLOCKING – Breathe easily because your cards are safe in this wallet; the secure lining of this wallet protects cards from even the most potent RFID Chip Readers.
  • FUNCTIONAL NOTCH – The notch allows your cards to be easily accessed. Our design was built with functionality in mind. A press of a finger provides access to all of your cards.

Specifications ⇓

  • Holds 1-12 cards/IDs
  • RFID blocking ability
  • Solid rosewood
  • Money clip for cash
  • Lifetime guarantee
  • Free returns up to 45 days
  • Weight: 2.4 oz | 86mm X 54mm X 9mm

Rosewood is a luxurious wood that has been frequently referred to as the "king of woods." It's not hard for people who love this material or even those on your gift list who are looking for something unique. A Rosewood wallet will make an excellent choice because it has rich textures with dark chocolate brown coloring and a smooth surface while still lightweight.




Specifications ⇓

  • Holds 1-12 cards/IDs
  • Solid beech wood
  • Cash strap
  • Hidden change/key storage area
  • Lifetime guarantee
  • Free returns up to 45 days
  • Weight: 0.7 oz | 96mm X 65mm X 5mm


Solid Beech Wood

It was carved out of a solid piece of beech wood. No faux wood or veneer is welcome here.


Hidden Compartment

Under your cards from the front lies a small hidden compartment. Place in your keys, change, or anything else you may want to tuck away. Please place it in, and your cards conceal whatever lies beneath.


Cash Strap

A slim alternative way to carry your cash and keep it secure.

Are you looking for a wallet that is both unique and stylish? If so, wooden wallets may be what suits your needs. This type of billfold has no doubt caught on with many people due to its natural beauty and the appealing ability to age gracefully over time.

If you're looking for a wallet that is uniquely yours, then the Slymr collection may be what you're searching for. 

We searched high and low for minimalist wallets in different styles--but there were none available to fit everyone's modern needs...that is until now because our team has come up with this revolutionary new way of carrying your cash without adding bulk or having an unattractive appearance (you could say we're redefining traditional).

Our company specializes in high-quality slim wallets that are sleekly designed, so they don't get too bulky under your clothes when carrying them around every day.

Decluttering and streamlining the modern-day wallet is what our brand is all about. We wanted to design wallets in every type of style, so there would be something for everyone! 

We put a stylish twist on new-age money clips/ Wallets, from traditional leathers to metal or wood. I hope you love them as much as we do.

What's so special about these new sleek styles of cash carriers is their ability to be both fashionable and practical without adding any bulk or looking like an old bulky wallet from your childhood (in fact, you might say they're redefining what it means to carry money). Want one too? Visit today!

We have designed the perfect minimalist wallet to hold all your essentials. Our WALLET is made of high-quality, sustainable wood that will never wear out or break! This sleek design easily fits in a pocket and even has space for house keys too! The best part? No more bulky billfolds taking up room in your pockets or bag.

Purchase a SLYMR wallet today!