Surat, Gujarat
6 hours ago

Welcome to SLYMR and thank you for supporting the brand.

SLYMR was created to simplify the modern wallet while being functional and cool at the same time. We searched high and low for a brand that offered minimalistic modern wallets in different styles to fit everyone’s unique needs BUT there were none. And in that same breathe the idea of SLYMR was created. The ideas began to flow as we wanted to redefine the traditional bulky wallet.

After looking to our family and friends we quickly realized most of them carried around unnecessary cards, receipts, and other pointless junk within their wallets. Everyday life really only requires about 5 cards and maybe a little bit of cash. We also thought why not love something that spends almost every waking moment with you… your wallet. This is why we offer so many innovative different types of slym wallets to keep you organized but still have what you need.

Decluttering and streamlining the modern day wallet is what our brand is all about. We wanted to design wallets in all types of styles and materials so there would be something for everyone. From traditional leather to metal and even wood we put a stylish twist on new age wallets. We hope you love them as much as we do.

-The SLYMR team